I like to write articles for various journals, here’s a sampling:

Royal Astronomical Society – Winnipeg Centre

ATM Journal 1: Introduction and Design Notes
ATM Journal 2: Getting Ready to Push Glass
ATM Journal 3: Rough Grinding
ATM Journal 4: Fine Grinding
ATM Journal 5: Polishing Your Mirror
ATM Journal 6: Testing Your Mirror
ATM Journal 7: Testing Your Mirror Part 2
ATM Journal 8: Figuring Your Mirror
ATM Journal 9: Flexing Your Way to a Perfect Paraboloid
ATM Journal 10: Zeroing in on the Perfect Paraboloid
ATM Journal 11: Sizing Your Secondary Mirror

Sacramento Mountains Spectroscopy Workshop
Observing the Minima of Betelgeuse
Frankenscope Lives! (Modding a CG5 with OnStep)