I’ve been working in Python for astronomy applications a lot lately, here’s a page to keep track of resources I’ve found in my travels as well as links to projects I’m working on.

My Projects

I store everything in my GitHub repositories. If there’s no release it’s not finished yet but feel free to lift any code that seems useful.

Obsy Open source Observatory Control Software This project is just getting under way to provide an INDI compliant, open source alternative to some of the closed source, old technology observatory scheduling, logging etc. systems out there.

PiINDIStatus INDI based status display for Raspberry Pi LCD touchscreen display

PiINDIControlPad Telescope Control panel for 7″ HDMI display for Raspberry Pi

Photometry-Pipeline A photometry image processing system that automatically detects, calibrates, does differential photometry on an image based on database parameters, and sends the user a report for submission to AAVSO. Eventually automated submissions from dedicated robotic telescopes. This project will eventually merge with obsy

starseeker Code to run an automated plate solver appliance on a Raspberry Pi-based pointing refinement tool for Dobsonians where once INDI has slewed to a target the solver will refine the position based on plate solves til the object is centred within required parameters. Can run periodically to provide rudimentary auto-guiding.

Starseeker appliance prototype


Shelyak Spectroscopy Workshop in Python #1
Shelyak Spectroscopy Workshop in Python #2
Shelyak Spectroscopy Workshop in Python #3

Python for astronomy and spectroscopy : Rapid spectrum analysis by MatthieuL

Python Scientific Computing Projects by JR Johansson