You can build an Allsky camera very easily and without the large expensive of commercial models. Read this to learn how!

3 thoughts on “New Article: Building An Allsky Camera now online!”
  1. Website design problems..
    Hi Gord,
    I tracked you down from the facebook allsky site … from your recommendations, I also got siteground.
    I dumped the folder structure to my website folder dump… but for the life of me.. when I go to the /allsky site.. I get a 404!
    I was wondering how you got your allsky site going?



    1. If you log onto Siteground, then go to Websites and then Site Tools then File Manager (or otherwise get into the File Manager, your site menu might be a bit different) you’ll see your domain name and underneath that a folder named public_html. Your allsky folder should be placed under that. Once you can find it you can customize the site by using the File Manager to edit the config.js file.

      1. Of course I’m assuming here you dumped the allsky folder and not the contents of the allsky folder, in which case you don’t need to include allsky in your URL

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