Supernova 2022hrs, discovered by amateur astronomer Koichi Itagaki on April 16.619 (14:50h UT) is in NGC 4647, an intermediate spiral galaxy in the constellation of Virgo. He used a 0.5-metre, f/6 telescope and a CCD camera. The supernova shone at around magnitude +15 at discovery and has since brightened by over two magnitudes, with estimates since 26 April hovering around magnitude +12.5. 

A low-resolution spectrum of the transient was captured just over five hours after discovery by Claudio Balcon, using a FOSC-ES32 spectrograph attached to a 0.2-metre telescope, in the course of the Italian Supernovae Search Project ( The spectrum resembles that of a type-1a supernova (a scenario with a degenerate white dwarf star as the progenitor rather than a core collapse of a massive star [type-II]) about two weeks before maximum light.

NGC 4647 is a spiral galaxy that shines at magnitude +11.3 and spans 3’ x 2.5’. Supernova 2022hrs lies 30” east and 18.7” south of the galaxy’s core, at the precise position RA 12h 43m 34.3s, Dec +11° 34’ 36”.

In this image taken by me on 2022-05-06 with iTelescope T5 in Mayhill, NM at 22:57 CDT the supernova is marked with red lines. It is a single image taken in with a clear filter.

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