Working on determining the final dimensions of the building. The picture below is the scope in the parked position, where the roof would need to clear. Clearly, the tripod would make the building unnecessarily tall. When it’s moved to the dark site, all horizons will be open so a lower building means better stability and security.
The existing 8″ pier extension defines the floor level of the building, with perhaps 6″ extra as a buffer. The building width would be sufficient for any movement that is “legal” ie on the correct side of the pier when looking in various directions, so restrictions would need to be put on the scope to stay within the correct window to avoid hitting the building. Just need to polar align tonight to make sure my rough alignment is correct and tomorrow I can cut down the pier to 14″ (+ height of floor 2×6 and gap) and then I can try to see if the tripod pier extension adapter fits in the pipe. I can’t measure the pipe wall thickness until I cut the present disc brake adapter plate off so hoping they’re the same and I can use this part interchangeably.

By Gord

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